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Glance of few projects

Natural Farming - Pilot Phase 1

    We work with established resources and experts who have proven the success of Natural farming, where ZBNF based techniques (which have been proven since 25 years), which is a holistic alternative to the present situation of high cost chemical inputs-based agriculture and to address the negative and uncertain impacts of climate change, and having proven experience and facts based solutions since 20 plus years.

   We are initiating Pilot Phase 1, where we have selected 35 villages, and 50 farmers from each village,  in the NORTH KARNATAKA districts of Bidar, Gulbarga and Yadgir, to provide training and workshop for total of 1750 farmers.

Meet with students, at Vivekananda Vidya Peetha, Tad Tegnur, Gulbarga

     Tad Tegnur is remote village, which has an Awsome wonder school, VIVEKANANDA VIDYA TEETHA, which provides residential facility and schooling for 1st std to 10th standard. It has 850 students, and most of them from underpriveleged are supported and provided excellent examples of good living, respect, humility, study well, and live as god citizen under able guidance of Ashok, headmaster.

   Narayan and Purushotham, from Gyanadhara visited the school on 1st Feb 2019, provided support to the 10th standard students to do well in the exams, and had session with them on Setting and achieveing GOALS, living with integrity, handling challanges in life.